Two New R&D Projects in Chronic Diseases

Tesu Saglik Teknolojileri A.S. (“Tesu Health“), today announced that two of its research and development projects have been approved by Cube Incubation Center R&D Projects Evaluations Committee of Teknopark Istanbul. The projects, which will start in September, will focus on the development of prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) for adult patients with type 2 diabetes and for overweight & obese adult patients. Tesu Health, with a commitment to developing innovative solutions, is determined to create a robust pipeline of products, with a focus on prescription digital therapeutics. 

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Chronic diseases have posed a considerable challenge to healthcare systems worldwide for an extended period. Conditions such as type 2 diabetes and obesity have reached epidemic proportions, necessitating innovative and sustainable solutions. Tesu Health is rising to the occasion, aiming to revolutionize treatment and management through cutting-edge prescription digital therapeutics.

Tesu Health’s research and development project for adult patients with type 2 diabetes aims to provide personalized, effective, and accessible solutions for patients. Prescription digital therapeutics involve the use of software programs to deliver evidence-based interventions. These interventions are tailored to each patient’s unique needs, helping manage their condition and improve overall health. Tesu Health’s innovative approach will empower patients to take control of their diabetes through user-friendly digital tools.

Obesity is another chronic condition that has seen alarming rates of growth in recent years. It is often associated with a host of health complications, including heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes. Tesu Health’s second project focuses on prescription digital therapeutics for overweight and obese adult patients. This project will utilize advanced technology to create personalized interventions, supporting patients in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. By addressing the root causes of obesity, Tesu Health aims to enhance the overall well-being of individuals struggling with this condition.

The potential of prescription digital therapeutics lies in their ability to provide targeted, evidence-based interventions while remaining accessible and convenient. Patients can engage with these therapies from the comfort of their homes, reducing the burden on healthcare facilities and enhancing the continuity of care.

Furthermore, these digital solutions can adapt to the individual needs and progress of each patient, offering a level of personalization that traditional treatments often lack. With Tesu Health’s projects, adult patients with type 2 diabetes and those battling obesity will have access to tools that empower them to take control of their health journeys.

Tesu Health’s approval of two groundbreaking research and development projects for type 2 diabetes and obesity represents a commendable effort in the fight against chronic diseases. By harnessing the power of prescription digital therapeutics, Tesu Health aims to provide personalized and effective solutions for patients, empowering them to lead healthier lives.

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