The Founder Institute Spring 2023 FI Core Program

Tesu Health has recently been accepted into The Founder Institute‘s Istanbul – Turkey Spring 2023 FI Core Program. This is exciting news for the company as it means they will have access to some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and mentors.

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The Founder Institute is an American business incubator and startup launch program that was founded in Palo Alto, California in 2009. It has since expanded to over 180 cities in more than 65 countries and has helped over 6,500 entrepreneurs raise over $1.75B in funding.

The Founder Institute‘s mission is to empower talented and motivated people to build impactful technology companies worldwide. The FI Core Program is a structured accelerator program designed to help early-stage startups validate their business ideas, develop their products, and prepare for fundraising. It provides startups with access to a global network of mentors, investors, and peers, as well as a structured curriculum and weekly feedback sessions.

This program will provide Tesu Health with valuable resources and support to help us achieve our goals. This is a significant step for Tesu Health, and our acceptance into the Istanbul – Turkiye Spring 2023 FI Core Program is a testament to the company’s potential impact on the healthcare industry in Turkiye and beyond.

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