Announcing Our Seed Funding Round!

We are delighted to announce that we have just closed our funding round. We are on a mission to reshape the healthcare landscape, and this investment will play a crucial role in advancing our goals. With this support, we are better equipped to develop cutting-edge digital therapies and broaden our impact on patients’ lives.

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2023 is not the easiest time in startup history to be raising funding and we are incredibly proud that our investor and eventually partner put their trust in us and joined us on our mission to transform the healthcare landscape by developing prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) for the management, treatment, and prevention of chronic diseases.


With a team of experts spanning software engineering, clinical medicine, pharmaceutical industry, and private health insurance, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic diseases. We believe that software has the potential to revolutionize medicine by providing non-chemical and non-biological therapies that not only halt disease progression but also reverse it by addressing the root causes.

What’s next?

This investment marks a significant milestone in our journey, supporting our vision of becoming a globally recognized digital therapeutics company. The funds raised will expedite the development of innovative software therapies for chronic diseases, further solidifying our position at the forefront of this transformative field.


In addition to advancing our groundbreaking research and development efforts, we will also leverage this investment to expand our presence in the United Kingdom. Tesu Health’s participation in the Cambridge Life Sciences Market Access Programme, run by Locate Cambridge, is set to receive a significant boost. This strategic move will strengthen our operations within the UK’s life sciences hub, allowing us to engage with leading healthcare and research institutions and foster collaborative efforts.


Tesu Health extends its heartfelt gratitude to its investor and partner for their trust and commitment to the company’s vision. This seed investment represents a significant step forward in the quest to revolutionize healthcare with innovative software solutions.


Hasan Avcu – CEO

İlker Tosun – CMO

Gürkan Caner Birer – CTO

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