Bayer Digital Health Startups Map

Tesu Health has recently been included in Bayer’s Digital Health Startups Map. The map is part of Bayer’s Startup Acceleration Program G4A Turkiye and aims to promote innovation in the ecosystem by introducing and supporting startups in the field of health.

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The updated map features 105 startups founded by entrepreneurs in Turkiye and operating in various categories related to health, such as Healthy Living, Hospital & Pharmacy Solutions, Biotechnology & R&D, Easy Diagnosis & Early Diagnosis, Child Health, and Wearable Technology & IoT. Among these startups, 18 have been selected for Bayer’s G4A Turkiye program, which has been running for 5 years.

Through the program, Bayer provides startups with grants, mentorship, training, and collaboration support, to help them to grow and succeed. The program has already seen great success, with 9 of the startups that received investment reaching a total company valuation of 90.4 million dollars.

Tesu Health‘s inclusion in Bayer’s Digital Health Startups Map is a significant achievement for the company and highlights the importance of our potential to contribute to the growth of the digital health domain. As Bayer provides communication support to all startups by sharing the map on various channels and platforms, it is expected that Tesu Health’s visibility and potential for partnerships and collaborations will increase. The support provided by Bayer through the G4A Turkiye program is a testament to the company’s commitment to promoting innovation and contributing to the growth of the healthcare industry.

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